What started as a showcase for Throne of Blood’s roster and core team has grown over the years into something much bigger than expected. Over the past three and a half years our podcast series has covered a lot of ground- musically and geographicall. They’ve been played hundreds of thousands of times and helped bring this little label to life.

That’s why it’s so exciting when folks we don’t know reach out and ask to be a part of Throne of Blood. For the fortieth edition of the Throne of Blood Podcast we are proud to present this mix from the Leeds-based crew Clandestino. If this mix of balearic flavors is any indication, their forthcoming single on Is It Balearic? is one to watch out for…


Coyote - Feel Beautiful
Lupino - Funsick (Begin Remix)
Adult Contemporary - Baker Beach
Mushrooms Project - Amazzone
The Project Club - Field of Dreams (Reprise)
CFCF - Frozen Forest (Coyote Remix)
Guillaume Des Bois - You’ve Got To Check On The Guest List
Boys From Patagonia - It’s So Exciting
Felix Dickinson - Ousana (Coyote Remix)
Beanfield - Planetary Deadlock
Super Value Classics - Track 2
Lovelock - Don’t Turn Away
Muslim Disco Club - Osjecam
Alan Parsons Project - I Robot (Pilooski Edit)